We envision producing high quality food that is grown symbiotically with our ecosystem. We want to educate and inspire eaters to stay curious about what they consume and how it is grown.

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Growing Practices

Eat well. Feel better. We grow quality food while symbiotically regenerating the soil, air, water, and people we encounter.

We use a human powered wheel hoe, hand tools and a 1980s 5hp gas powered BCS walk behind for all our planting and cultivating needs. Only organic approved amendments are used. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, and do not use any pesticides or herbicides.

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a sample Of

What We Grow

on less than an acre

Salad Greens
Mushrooms - Oysters
Herbs - Culinary and Medicinal
Tomatoes & Tomatillos
Chiles & Sweet Peppers
Chicories - Radicchio and Frisee
Carrots, Beets, Radish, Turnips