Small Farm, Delicious Vegetables.

Producing on less than a half acre, Off Beet Farm grows nutritious and delicious salad greens, mixed vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and cut flowers. Rotating crops, feeding the soil and carefully selecting seed are just a few of details that go into this farm. Starting with minimal experience Sarah and Jamie are working towards maximizing the amount of high quality, delicious food they can produce to feed themselves and their communities. They also produce a line of fermented foods called Sour Beast that include various sauerkrauts, kimchi, curtido and hot sauce.

Flowers, carrots, bunch of herbs and pink oyster mushrooms.


About the Farmers

Sarah and Jamie are first generation farmers that are learning as they go. Jamie has a background in mental health, and a passion for mushrooms and fermenting vegetables. Sarah has a background in graphic design, has a passion for cut flowers and peppers and loves creating weekly market displays. They are drawn to farming because they value nutritious, sustainably grown food and an active lifestyle. They also appreciate the creativity and problem solving farming requires.

Tunnels on the farm, Sarah and Jamie at market, wild flower patch, buoys with Off Beet sign.


Cow Bay, Nova Scotia

Off Beet Farm is named not only for what it grows, but also for its location. Cow Bay’s rocky soils, wind and fog may be some of the less desirable traits for farming, but there are many stories of farmers past, cattle and sheep roaming the coast line and produce being taken to Halifax markets via horse and buggy. These stories are energizing and encouraging, connecting the past with the present.

"Cow Bay Love" sign, field with greenhouses, the Cow Bay moose, Sarah and friend in greenhouse.


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