We make traditionally fermented, raw sauerkrauts and hot sauces that are made using predominantly Nova Scotia produce.


Fermented Foods

Fermented vegetables are both delicious and nutritious. Our products are made traditionally, fermenting anaerobically in their own brine. They are unpasteurized and fully delicious.

Our sauerkrauts and hot sauces are raw and alive! Jars may be under pressure, use caution when opening. They may bubble and fizz and that is just fine.

*Fermented food is perishable: always keep refrigerated, before and after opening.

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The Ingredients

We produce various krauts, fermented vegetable mixes and hot sauce.

When we are not using our own herbs and vegetables to ferment we prefer to source products from other Nova Scotian farms such as Taproot Farms, Elmridge Farm, and Longspell Farm.

On occasion we buy imported vegetables to supplement our ingredient needs. The dominant ingredient of a kraut is always Nova Scotia grown.


How to Use Ferments

These beasts have big personalities that work well in addition to your favourite dishes or on the side as a condiment. They can be eaten raw for their probiotic benefits or used in cooked dishes for their flavour. Add them to sandwiches (grilled cheese!), rice bowls, soups and more. Or you can eat them right out of the jar for a quick snack.

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Our fermented foods are currently only available at
The Alderney Landing Farmers’ Markets on Saturdays from 8am - 1pm.