Brewing Kombucha

How to Brew Kombucha

1. Prepare the sweet tea. Use 2-3 black tea bags per litre of water. Add 1/4 cup of regular sugar (organic preferably). Do not use honey!

2. Cool tea. Let tea cool to room temperature and make sure it is cooled down completely. Liquid that is too hot can kill your SCOBY.

3. Add SCOBY and starter tea. Once tea is completely cool pour into a glass jar, leaving a bit of space at the top. Add in ½ cup liquid from a previous batch of Kombucha (or unpasteurized apple cider vinegar). Add the SCOBY.

4. Cover. Cover the jar with a plate or cloth and rubber band. Don’t seal jar completely, allow for air to release.

5. Ferment. Place the jar in a warm (around 18-20 degrees) corner of the kitchen, keep out of direct sun.

6. Taste test. Let the tea ferment for around 7 days, length of time may vary depending on the room temperature. Test the tea, it should taste slightly sweet and tart. If it is too sweet let it keep fermenting, tasting it every couple days. You will see a thin film form on the surface. This is normal. It is your new SCOBY growing.

7. Bottle and flavour. At this point the Kombucha tea is ready for bottling. Pour liquid into jars or flip-top bottles. You can flavour with fruit, spices, juice, etc or leave unflavoured. If using a flip-top, open with caution after a couple days contents can be under pressure. Leave behind the SCOBY and a some starter liquid for future batches.

8. Repeat! Repeat the process for more Kombucha! Your SCOBY will continue to grow over time.

Kombucha Questions